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Chasing Winter

Twin Pack | Bandit Dog Bandana

$35.00 AUD
Grab our twin pack of Bandana's. Perfect for the fashionable family of dogs or to mix up your dogs wardrobe through the week of walkies. Lightweight and breathable, each bandana is 55% cotton, 45% linen and 100% adorable.


  • 55% cotton | 45% linen
  • Made from light-weight, breathable material
  • Lovingly hand-made & designed in Australia
  • Double layered yarn-dyed natural cotton/linen blend
  • Embroidered with our stylish, golden Chasing Winter Hound emblem
  • Twin Pack containing 1x Bandit Bandana in Fog Grey and 1x Bandit Bandana in Mint Green


One Size Fits Most.

Fold your bandana into a triangle with the hound logo in the bottom corner and tie it to your pet’s neck. Depending on the size of your dog you may want to add extra folds or twist around your dog’s collar if you can’t tie a knot.

The must-have accessory to match your dog collar and harness, it’s easy to see your pet wearing the Fog Grey or Mint Green Bandit Bandana and think “who’s this little fashionista” but our dog bandanas also offer a range of practical and health benefits to protect your pet all year round.

Made from a breathable, yarn-dyed natural cotton/linen blend, our bandanas are non-irritating on sensitive dog skin, and reduce the chance of heat spots. 

Embroidered with our iconic Chasing Winter golden hound logo, dog bandanas can be used to retain heat and keep your pup cosy and warm when the temperature drops. Or, try soaking your bandana in water to keep your dog cool and comfortable on hot summer days.

They are stylish, practical, it’s your dog’s next favourite bandana. Question is, which colour is the favourite? Fog Grey or Mint Green?!

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