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Chasing Winter

Cloud Memory Foam Dog Bed | MEDIUM | Fog Grey

$219.00 AUD
The Cloud has been meticulously designed here in Australia with comfort, fashion and interior design principles in mind. Ideal for all homes, engineered to support dogs - this is the modern dog bed reimagined.

Product Features

  • Memory Foam Inner
  • Machine Washable
  • Simple Zip-Off Cover
  • Stylish Carry Handle
  • Repels Dirt, Fur & Water Droplets
  • Neutralizes Odours
  • ‘Luxe Packaging (Perfect For Gifting 😉)

    If the name didn’t give away this bed’s snug and cosy feel, your pup’s gentle snoring will. Designed with multi-layer memory foam cushioning this luxury dog bed reacts to your pet’s body shape, weight, and temperature.

    With a pressure-absorbing memory foam inner cushion, this is an orthopaedic* memory foam dog bed ideal for pets with arthritis or joint issues; and for all pups who love to collapse into a pile of soft, sleepy relaxation after a long day.

    Stain-resistant | Machine washable | Zipper-Guard | Hypoallergenic | Ultra-Durable | Orthopaedic Memory Foam | Iconic Golden Hound Logo | Suits All Home Décor Styles

    Its unique memory effect satisfies your beloved pooch’s every need, and we’d tell you about its tri-layer technology that allows and promotes airflow to help regulate your pup’s body temperature, but we know what you really want to know whether this bed is comfy enough to have your pup making that adorable ‘woof’ noise in their dreams...and it is.

    Oh, and if you need help expanding your vacuum-packed bed, we’ve filmed a video showing you how (starring Snoopy!). Click here for a quick video tutorial.

    *Cloud memory foam beds are recommended for dogs with ligament and joint issues, arthritis, and orthopedic requirements, as well as recovery from surgery. Check with your vet if you have any concerns. Our beds may not suit all dogs.

    Recommended Breeds

    The Cloud Dog Lounge in size Medium is recommended to suit the following dog breeds:

    Beagle, Corgi, American Staffordshire Terrier, Shiba Inu, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, American Foxhound, American Water Spaniel, Basenji, French Bulldog, Spoodle, Medium Labradoodle.

    If you are unsure what size to select, tell us your dogs breed, length and weight and we can help you with your decision.

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