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Our Story | Chasing Winter Dog Accessories


Chasing Winter is a story about a boy, a girl, and a pup named Snoopy.

Like many great stories, ours is one of finding joy amid adversity. As a young couple, Gerry and I were hopeful parents-to-be. However, as the months spent trying to conceive trickled into years, we began to lose hope. 

To help alleviate some of the pain we felt during this difficult time, our IVF specialist suggested we adopt a puppy.

So, just a few months later, we welcomed a little bundle of joy into our lives - a 9-week-old rescue beagle puppy, we named Snoopy

Arriving by plane in a crate 100 times his size, little Snoop-dog stole our hearts as soon as he stumbled out into our arms. It wasn’t how we had originally pictured our family, but it was perfect in its own way.

As all parents know, caring for children (fur or not) is no walk in the park! Alongside toilet training, shoe eating and food-stealing activities, we quickly became frustrated at the quality of dog products available to us. 

Products barely lasted longer than one play session or walk before falling to pieces, or they didn’t fit into the design of our home. “Don’t forget to hide the dog bed” became routine when expecting company, while the ugly, smelly, worn-out dog bed went in the cupboard under the stairs. 

That’s when our love of Snoop-dog, and my background in fashion and design, inspired us to create our own collection of dog beds - and Chasing Winter was born.

But just as our first prototypes landed, our world crashed before our eyes.


Snoopy had collapsed...

We soon discovered Snoopy had a tumor in his spleen the size and weight of a small pumpkin - and it was likely cancerous. 

His surgery to remove the tumour was long and invasive, and although hoping for the best, we were told to expect the worst.

After a nail-biting 5 hours, the surgery was a success. Unfortunately, the hours following were touch-and-go as his little body had to learn to function without a spleen to keep him alive. 

Taking Snoopy home, we’d lay him flat on his side on the first Chasing Winter memory foam prototype bed. I slept on the prototype with him all night, arms wrapped around him to keep him warm and nurtured.

Gerry and I would like to pause our story and take a moment to thank our local veterinary surgeon who saved Snoopy’s life, as well as the staff at our local café for keeping Snoopy motivated during his recovery with their endless dog treat temptations. Just so you know, he’s totally faking it now; he’s been clear of any health issues for quite some time, but his cheeky Beagle nature is playing on everyone’s sympathy.


During this stressful time, Gerry and I realised the health benefits of the orthopedic memory foam that had assisted in Snoopy’s restful, relaxed and speedy recovery. We realised how important it was to incorporate well-researched, technical product design into our own designs, so that we could deliver an incomparable sleep experience to support dogs like Snoopy.

And so we designed our signature dog bed, The Cloud, made lovingly and thoughtfully from quality materials to support your dog, while remaining beautiful and suited for stylish homes.

After all, as an interior designer, I had been helping others create attractive spaces for years; why couldn’t living with pets be attractive, too?  

That’s how Chasing Winter was born

Now we are living our dream, designing beautiful accessories for dogs that pooch parents will love. 

Oh, and best of all, you’ll never have to yell “don’t forget to hide the dog bed” ever again.


Where to Next?

Chasing Winter’s signature collection of luxury dog beds is just our beginning. We are excited to introduce quality pooch accessories of all kinds into our repertoire very soon.

Stay tuned.

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