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About Us | Get To Know The Chasing Winter Team


Hi, we're Chasing Winter

There’s nothing quite like a community of dog owners.

Step foot in any dog park from Sydney to Perth and you’ll find a welcoming smile, a dog owner to swap tips with, and a friendly face whether you’re meeting for the 1st or the 100th time.

I’m Nat Winter and that’s the community spirit Chasing Winter provides online.

As the Founder and Director of Chasing Winter I spent years working in New Zealand’s fashion industry, before jumping across the ditch to pursue an exciting career in the world of Australian interior design.

My passion for fabrics, textures, interiors and architecture all formed the base of Chasing Winter - a journey that has combined my love of dogs with a love of comfort and style.

Meet my husband, Gerry

Gerry is the Director of Sales for Chasing Winter, and more importantly, my husband.

Gerry has loved dogs since he was a boy, and felt a natural pull towards Chasing Winter after forging a successful career of his own in the construction industry. 

Fun-loving and with natural charisma in spades, Gerry handles the sales and distribution for Chasing Winter and loves the challenge of growing our business one quality product at a time.


Finally, meet Snoopy (the reason Chasing Winter exists)

Every dog parent has a fur baby they want to show off - and we’re no different.

Snoopy is more than our bundle of fur, he’s the reason Chasing Winter exists. 

Every Chasing Winter product has been meticulously designed, ethically sourced, and uniquely created here in Australia because of Snoopy and a tumour the size of a small pumpkin…

Interested to learn more about Snoopy? Click here to discover our story


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