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Why every pet needs a First Aid Kit

Australian Made First Aid Kit for Dogs

Have you got yourself a Dog First Aid Kit? If not we are going to tell you why you need one, two or even three. Like us, pets can also have accidents or fall upon an injury anytime or if you are bringing home your new puppy or kitten then a Pet First Aid kit is one tool you need to consider investing in.

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What is included in the Dog First Aid Kit?

Chasing Winters 'Total Dog 1st Aid' kits includes 57 items

6 x Sterile wound pads
1 x Sterile gauze pad
2 x Large trauma pads

2 x 5cm Gauze bandage
2 x 7.5cm Gauze bandage
2 x 5 cm Self-Stick vet wrap
2 x 10 cm Self-Stick vet wrap

1 x Crepe bandage 
1 x Metal tweezers
1 x Metal bandage scissors
3 x Soap wipes
3 x Alcohol wipes
1 x Thermal blanket

1 x 10 ml Syringe
3 x Cotton tips
2 x Cotton pads
2 x 10 pcs Cotton balls
1 x Tick remover card  

1 x Mini LED torch 
3 x AAA Batteries
1 x Emergency lead
1 x Digital thermometer
1 x Button battery 

4 x 15ml Saline wound wash
1 x 20 ml Diluted iodine solution
1 x 10 g Organic activated charcoal

3 x Double sided information cards
2 x 2 pairs of PVC gloves
2 x Biodegradable  waste bags
1 x Water resistant bag
1 x Treats

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Don't forget your Pet Passport and Health Records

Although our 'Total Dog 1st Aid' Kits are jammed packed with everything you can even think of we do recommend that you not only pop in a copy of your Pet Passport and all of your pets health records including microchip/identification paperwork. (Pop them in a plastic Sleeve for safe keeping).

In the even that something does happen we also recommend popping in all your emergency numbers into the plastic sleeve, including your pets vet and after hours emergency hospital nearby.  

Does your pet take medication? Always pop some into your first aid kit to have it handy incase of an emergency. We recommend always rotating the medication to keep it fresh.

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Over to you

What do you think about our Total Dog 1st Aid Kits? Is there something we didn't think of? Let us know in the comments below

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