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Have you struggled to find pet treats that are not full of preservatives and all things that our pets should not be consuming? Fear no further, we have the most amazing and influential pet treat business for you. Introducing, Laila and Me.

The Team at Laila and Me is not only an Australian based company but they manufacture their own pet treats in Melbourne. 

Kangaroo Jerky for Pets by Laila and Me - Chasing Winter

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What ingredients can't my dog eat?

Did you know that most dog treats are filled with Corn syrup, Sugars, Artificial colours, Xylitol or any other sugar alcohols, Excessive salt, Propylene glycol, Brewer's rice, Nitrates or nitrites and Vegetable oil. Ideally we want to avoid any pet treats that contain those ingredients and focus on more 'Human Grade' Pet Treats, Like Laila and Me's online range.

Shop Online Pet Treats at Laila and Me

How to look for good Dog Treats

When buying dog treats online always look for Single-Ingredient Protein Pet Treats and Nutrient-Dense. Make sure you always get that they contain good vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. To get your pet started on a healthy pet range we recommend trying the Jerky Range.

How to find healthy pet treats online by Chasing Winter

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Can my dog eat Rawhide?

This is a huge elephant in the room, we cannot express how important it is for you to understand how bad Rawhide is for animals. Rawhide can not only kill your pet bu are made of up strips from the cow and soaked in harsh and harmful chemicals to ensure the product does not end up rotten. We hate to also mention it but Super Glue is often used to ensure those pretty shaped pet treats stay together. 

We spoke to the wonderful team at Laila and Me and they have an amazing program happening, when you sign up to Taking their Pledge to no more Rawhide you get $10 Voucher to shop any of their products. 

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