RSPCA Merchandise

Together we can help fight animal cruelty.

 Last year, 30,000 dogs turned to the RSPCA for help – many were victims of cruelty, bred to turn a profit, or abandoned by the humans they loved unconditionally. 30,000 dogs. That’s 82 each day. We want it to be zero.

Each day you fundraise for Million Paws Walk OR simply purchase one of the official merchandise Tees, caps, bandana's or frisbee's, you are helping in our fight to bring that number down.

  • Just $40 can help heat a kennel and keep an abandoned dog warm this winter
  • $58 can help rehabilitate an abandoned or abused dog, helping them trust humans again
  • $90 can keep our animal ambulance on the road, rescuing injured animals
  • $1,000 helps subsidise the cost of prosecuting a cruelty offender in court.

Your fundraising doesn’t just directly help our dogs, either. It helps fund crucial community outreach programs to educate our communities and school kids about the importance of responsible pet ownership, stopping the ugly roots of animal cruelty at the source.

Each day brings a new challenge in our shelters but each day you’re on our side makes it a little bit easier. Your fundraising efforts make a tangible impact on all creatures, great and small.

Chasing Winter Dog Accessories are proud to support RSPCA Queensland by assisting in the sales of Official Merchandise. 100% of the profits from the sale of any RSPCA official merchandise goes directly to RSPCA Queensland, Australia.

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