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The faces behind Pound Paws

Who is Pound Paws?

Pound Paws is an Australian based charity providing a modern approach to the overall rehoming process of pets in Australian pounds and rescue centres.  
Pound Paws commenced in early 2014 as a desperate measure to help re-home animals that find themselves on death row each year. It is our mission to encourage the public to adopt instead of shop, reduce the amount of pets on death row per year, educate the Australian public about responsible pet ownership & create a positive movement for our furry friends. Pound Paws provides its services to potential pet owners and pounds for no charge.
It is supported by volunteers, and sponsors and donations help fund its operations.

Pound Paws is not only focused on re-homing these animals, but educating the public about death row and the importance of choosing to adopt. It is our mission to encourage the potential pet owners to adopt instead of shop, and break the stereotype that pounds are full of ‘reject’ pets.


What does Pound Paws do?

Pound Paws operates an online search engine which allows you to search for pets, via search terms like; breed, age, size and location. We are collaborating with pounds and rescue groups from all over Australia to provide you with the latest listings daily.  We have volunteer photographers / videographers all over Australia who visit these shelters and provide them with free images + videos to help promote them online. We want to break the stereotype that pounds are 'scary' places and instead, help promote them in a positive manner. We also host Dog Day events (pre-covid monthly) which attract large crowds of 300+ attendees, with a mission to educate and raise awareness about the importance of ept adoption. Our Dog Day events include a variety of rescue groups with dogs available for adoption, we also arrange live entertainment, with educational take-aways - ranging from; vet health, dog training to responsible pet ownership.

How can someone adopt a pet through Pound Paws?

If you are looking to adopt a pet, we are available online to help out! Pound Paws operates an online search engine which allows you to search for pets, via search terms like; breed, age, size and location. On top of this, we launched the 'Pound Paws Pet Profile Match' last year, in response to the increase of pet adoption interest throughout COVID. The Pet Profile Match, allows individuals to inform us of what pet they are looking for and our team does all the research for them. We send them a PDF document with several suitable pet matches for them. If an individual is looking to foster, we also assist with foster home placements, by corresponding with rescue groups directly to match a suited foster parent, with a rescue pet.

Why should someone adopt?

There are many great reasons to adopt, one of the most important ones, is that when you choose to adopt, you are not only saving one life, but creating space for another pet in the shelter to have a second chance at life too.
Another great perk from rescuing a pet from the shelter, is that they come de-sexed and vaccinated, so you are also saving funds on excess medical fees. Pets at the shelter are significantly cheaper, then buying from a designer breeder. We've found time and time again, that the pets that end up with rescue groups, go through an intensive rehabilitation period, where they have dedicated training and support to ensure they transition into their new home well. 
If you head to our website, we provide a free e-book on 'Five Reasons why you should adopt' - we highly recommend reading it!

How can someone get involved with Pound Paws?

There are many ways to get involved with Pound Paws. We are always looking for volunteers to help us continue our work in raising awareness about pet adoption, and re-homing pets. You can apply to volunteer for Pound Paws via this link. Volunteer roles range from; helping out at Dog Day events, marketing & much more! Let us know your skill set and we'll find a way to work together to further our mission.
If you are available to take in a rescue pet and foster them, then we would be so grateful for your support in becoming a foster parent. You can apply to be a foster parent here.

Can anyone donate?

Yes, anyone can donate. All donations to Pound Paws are tax deductible too.
Currently, around 550 animal lives are lost to euthanasia every single day, and it’s only because they can’t find a new fur-ever family to adopt them.
Each donation can help us build awareness about adoption of animals on death row, support our intuitive matching system and adoption database, and help build connections between Pound Paws and different rescue groups around the country.
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