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The Face behind Happy Hounds

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" We are your go-to pet care providers, providing top-quality care for furry friends across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. It's incredibly important to us to offer care that pet parents can always rely upon and have the peace of mind knowing that their furry family members and their home are in safe and reliable hands in their absence. "

Who is behind Happy Hounds?

That would be me, Nat Durack ! My love for animals started at a very young age, having been surrounded by many family dogs and cats, wild foxes, giant snails, hamsters, pet pigeons ... you name it! I am very grateful to have had great role models in my life that taught me to be curious and respectful of the living world, including all the creatures, big and small, that live within it. This passion led me to studying wildlife and onto working with domestic animals, specifically dogs and cats. My first dog walk was when I was 10 years old, and I have been doing it ever since. Starting as a business of 1, we have now grown to a team of 20 animal lovers and over 1500 pets across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. 

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What services do you offer? 

We offer a multitude of services for furry companions across the Gold Coast and Brisbane. These include standard dog walks, drop-in visits, overnight stays in the pet's home, pet taxi and a pet wedding attendant service for those that want to include their furry friends in their big day. We are passionate about providing top-quality care for pets, but also ensuring that our pet parents are always at ease and have peace of mind knowing that their pets are safe in our hands.

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I am getting married, I need a Pet Sitter?

Getting married is a very special event, so why wouldn't you want to include all family members, even the furry ones!? Our pet wedding attendant service allows you to capture some beautiful lasting memories with your furry family on the big day, without the associated worry of caring for them or transporting them. While you’re enjoying the ceremony and then mingling with guests at the reception, we’ll be ensuring that your pets’ needs are met before, during and after the wedding. We have 3 wedding packages for the couple to choose from, including the Doggy Duke and Prince Pomeranian. 


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Do you have your own pets? Who are they and what are they?

Sure do! I have a gorgeous Staffy X, called Crystal. You'll often see her pictured on our website and Facebook page. She loves her beach walks, peanut butter Kongs and tennis balls! I also have a Silver Shaded Chinchilla Persian, called Leo, otherwise known as Princey. They are the highlight of our lives.

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