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Bondi Wash

Bondi Wash Dog Essentials Pack

$62.00 AUD

Whether you are a nomad or a 5 star traveller, journeys with our fur-family on board are fast-becoming acceptable. The Bondi Wash Essentials Pack will keep your pooch smelling clean or the pawfect gift pack for dogs to keep them fresh, fragrant and and pampered. 

Dry Dog Wash 100g
A simple, convenient way to refresh your furry friend in between wet washes. All-natural formulation in Paperbark & Lemongrass scent is specially designed for a dog's sensitive skin and system.  Will repel insects, remove germs and dirt, while calming and relaxing both you and your pooch.  Contains Australian banksia seed oil for a luxurious glossy coat.

Mini Dog Wash 125ml
Specifically designed for sensitive skin and lightly fragranced with calming essential oils.

Mini Kennel Spray 50ml
Lemongrass scent to freshen your dog's bedding or kennel.  Paperbark is an Australian native with wonderful properties including anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and insect-repellant but also relaxes and soothes.  Combined with zesty lemongrass and other essential oils, this spray smells divine.  Using only plant-based ingredients, you and your pup will love it.

Wash Cloth Black 35cm x 35cm
Perfect for drying around the eyes and ears and all over!

Black travel cosmetics bag
For on the go! Keep all your travel essentials in one place.

Natural Products Featuring Australian Botanicals

inspired by the diversity and beauty of the Australian bush, Bondi Wash combines Australian botanicals with natural ingredients to create products that are gentle, effective and beautifully fragrant.

All BONDI WASH products are made in Australia to the highest standard under strict quality control conditions. BONDI WASH is against animal cruelty.
All BONDI WASH packaging is recyclable.

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