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Chasing Winter

Snuggle Memory Foam Dog Nest Bed | MEDIUM | Fog Grey

$309.00 AUD

Reduce dog anxiety with The Snuggle, a medium dog bed designed with scientific principles to calm sensory overload and provide comfort for nervous pups and pooches.

The Snuggle’s cushioned raised lip is a saviour for medium dog breeds who get a little anxious from time to time. Just as humans need a place to reset and recharge, The Snuggle has been lovingly designed to invoke a sense of security and safety to improve your dog’s health and wellbeing.

Stain-resistant | Machine Washable Covers  | Zipper-Guard | Hypoallergenic | Ultra-Durable | Shredded Memory Foam | Iconic Golden Hound Logo | Reversible Sleep Cushion | Suits All Home Décor Styles

40% of dogs will experience anxiety at some stage of their life, no matter how much love, affection, or snacks you sneak under the dinner table. Help give your fur baby the support they need to feel secure with a bed that doesn’t just look like it’s a soft pile of relaxation - but has been designed that way too.

Product Features

  • Memory Foam Inner
  • Machine Washable Covers
  • Simple Zip-Off Covers
  • Non-Slip Base
  • Repels Dirt, Fur & Water Droplets
  • Neutralizes Odours
  • Luxe Packaging (Perfect For Gifting 😉)

Oh, and if you need help expanding your vacuum-packed bed, we’ve filmed a video showing you how (starring Snoopy!). Click here for a quick video tutorial.

The Snuggle Dog Nest in size Medium is recommended to suit the following dog breeds:

Beagle, Corgi, American Staffordshire Terrier, Shiba Inu, Schnauzer, Cocker Spaniel, American Foxhound, American Water Spaniel, Basenji, French Bulldog, Spoodle, Medium Labradoodle.

If you are unsure what size to select, tell us your dog's breed, length and weight and we can help you with your decision.

On first unboxing, the memory foam will appear ultra-thin, but don’t panic! The memory foam has been safely cocooned in a vacuum pack and requires air to expand and come back to life.

We've including easy step by step instructions in the box, along with simple cleaning and care information.

  1. Remove the vacuum pack from the carton.
  2. Carefully cut the outer vacuum sleeve with scissors.
  3. Roll out the vacuum-sealed pack.
  4. Air will slowly begin to enter on its own. 
  5. Gently pull, squash and squeeze all areas with your hands. Repeat if required. We recommend this is easiest with the cover removed.
  6. Insert fully inflated inner into cover.

If you need help just hola, we don't bite! 

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