It's Time For a Better Dog Bed | Welcome to Chasing Winter

It's Time For a Better Dog Bed | Welcome to Chasing Winter

Dog owners of Australia, I’ve got a few questions for you... 

How often do you feel frustrated at the quality of dog products available online? 

Are you nervous to leave your dog’s bed out when you’re expecting company?

How many times have you bought a dog bed that lasted *roughly* as long as a walk in the park?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one frustrated by what’s available online and in Australia.

Hi I’m Nat, and as an interior designer I've been helping people create attractive living spaces for years, which got me thinking, why couldn’t living with pets be just as attractive, too? 

Fast forward and here we are - welcome to Chasing Winter!

Do You Recognise This Dog Owner’s Dilemma?

As a pet owner, it’s frustrating being forced to choose between form and function. 

You either end up with a bed that’s designed for your dog’s comfort but sticks out like a sore thumb. Or, you find a gorgeous dog bed that’s chic and stylish, but offers ZERO benefits (in terms of comfort or orthopaedic help) to your beloved pooch.

I believe dog beds should blend aesthetically with everything in your home. And you certainly shouldn’t need to assign someone to hide the smelly, worn-out dog bed in the cupboard whenever you’re expecting company. ⁠

That’s the ethos behind Chasing Winter, because I’d felt your frustrations too.

And it was those frustrations (and the love of my beloved pooch, Snoopy), that inspired my husband Gerry and I to create our own collection of modern, luxurious Australian-designed dog beds.⁠

Why Sacrifice Elegance for Endurance When You Can Enjoy Both? 

At Chasing Winter, our collections are suited for stylish homes and humans alike, and the durability of each product means you won’t have to replace them year on year.⁠

Our range of luxurious, contemporary dog beds are engineered to feel incredible for your pup, with orthopaedic memory foam that supports ageing joints, post-surgery recovery and dogs of all sizes. While the hypoallergenic, machine-washable, and stain-resistant covers are designed in Australia to suit your home’s unique decor without looking out of place.

Because your dog deserves better - but so does your home.

As for what’s next? Excitedly, I’ve only just begun. 

So follow me and my team on a journey to connect and grow with the leagues of #doglovers like you, everywhere across Australia and around the world. 🐾

Thanks for stopping by,

Nat Winter

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