Do Dogs Need Beds? 5 ‘Pawsome’ Benefits of Buying a Dog Bed

I’ve got good news and bad news for you...

OK, the bad news...your dog can’t sleep in bed with you forever.

I know it’s one of the *best* parts of being a dog Mum or Dad, but it can lead to behavioural issues and doesn’t leave your pup with their own ‘safe space’ to retreat to. 

With their own dog bed, your pup has a place to feel safe, which can be used when you go on holidays or need to bring your dog to a new environment.

Alright, now for the good don’t need to kick your pup out of bed forever (morning and afternoon cuddles are practically mandatory in my household).

With a dog bed to call their own, your pup has a way to stay comfy and warm, your furniture is protected against damage and dirt, and any aging joints or orthopedic injuries have a place to rest comfortably and recover.

Plus, your dog spends up to 65% of its life snoozing, and you don’t want that time to be spent on a cold laundry floor or hard living room floorboards. Even though dogs ARE experts at curling up anywhere and catching some shut-eye, the truth is, dogs need beds just like we do.

Best of all, when you gift your beloved pup their own bed, you’ll be enjoying the following 5 paw-some benefits (sorry, I had to do it) at the same time.

How Many Dog Beds Should a Dog Have?

How many beds do you have?

If you’re like most people, the answer is one.

You don’t need multiple beds to choose from each night, because the one you have feels comfy and warm and it’s where you escape to with a hot cup of tea (or a glass of wine 😉) and unwind.

Your dog’s bed will provide that same sense of security, so it’s important they have one EACH - but not necessarily one only. That means your dog can have two, three or four beds that you can place in different rooms, inside their crate, or even outside. 

But if you have more than one pup, you’ll need an individual dog bed for each of your furry friends to call their own. Sharing beds may be cute, but can lead to territorial behavioural issues down the line.

Need help choosing the perfect dog bed? Click here for my simple 5-step checklist

What Makes a Good Dog Bed?

The best puppy bed or adult dog bed will share most characteristics with a good bed for a human.

That means it should be comfortable to fall into after a long day of playing in the mud (we’re talking about your pup now, not you). Big enough to fit all limbs, and be nice and clean for the best possible resting experience.

A good dog bed should also be easy to wash, so look for a machine washable cover (our Chasing Winter beds offer simple, removable covers that can be popped in the washing machine any time). And look for a dog bed that repels water and odours which can help prevent beds from becoming damp, attracting mildew, or bringing that dreaded “wet dog” smell into your home.

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How Long Do Dog Beds Last?

This really depends on the quality of the dog bed you buy.

If you grab a $20 dog bed online, you shouldn’t expect it to outlast a bed that’s ultra-durable, machine washable, stain-resistant, and filled with orthopaedic memory foam (oh look at that I just described the entire Chasing Winter dog bed range).

Your dog is a reliable judge on when their bed has seen better days. So if your pup doesn’t seem interested in their bed it may be dirty, uncomfortable to lay in, and ready to go to doggy bed heaven.

Washing your dog’s bedding every couple of weeks will help extend its lifespan, but keep in mind you don’t need your dog’s permission to upgrade to a sleek, new dog bed.

Your dog trusts your judgement, so if you feel their hair has become matted into the fibres of the bed, or the odours just aren’t coming out in the wash like they used to, buying a new dog bed online and leaving it in the same spot won’t be an issue.

CHASING WINTER TIP: Outside of wear and tear, you’ll need to consider replacing your dog’s bed as they grow up. Your pup should be able to comfortably lie in the bed without limbs hanging over the edge.

OK, let’s get into the 5 benefits of buying a dog bed and how they’ll make your home a happier, cleaner and more well-behaved place.

#1 - A Dog Bed Prevents Behavioural Issues

Dogs need a lot of love and attention - but they also need plenty of space. 

Dogs are territorial by nature, so it is important they have areas in your home set up for them to sleep, play and hide out if they feel the urge.

Although we all love to invite our fur babies into bed now and then, letting your pup into bed every single day says “this is your bed too”, which can lead to behavioural issues when you ask your pup to get down and they don’t want to. 

After all, your dog has been welcomed onto the bed (or couch) day after day, and suddenly you’re telling them they can’t. This can lead to growling, barking and confusion.

With their own space to sleep, your dog knows that time on the bed is a privilege, and that sleepy-time happens on their own bed.

#2 - A Dog Bed Protects Your Furniture

Giving your dog a place to sleep will keep him or her from sleeping where you don’t want them to, which is usually the couch or your bed.

Dogs will try to find the most comfortable spot to sleep, and will often end up cozying in bed with you, scratching up your furniture, or tracking dirt on your nice, clean carpets to find that comfy place to lie down. 

If your pup likes to circle around before lying down, or indulge in a fit of kneading and burrowing, then wouldn’t you rather this happened on a specially-made dog bed and not your lounge?

A dog bed that fits your pet’s sleeping needs will keep them from bothering you or damaging anything furniture as they try to nap.

#3 - A Dog Bed Shows off Your Style

A dog bed is for your pup...but also for you.

Whether you live in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane, or out in woop-woop, you want your home to represent your style and personality. You picked the furniture, the fittings, and the good china in the kitchen cabinet, so why not pick a dog bed that matches your home’s decor too?

The bed you provide for your beloved dog should be functional of course, but don’t discount a dog bed being fashionable and complementing your modern spaces and styles.

#4 - A Dog Bed Provides Lasting Comfort

There are a variety of premium dog beds available to help keep your dog comfortable and supported while they sleep, and comfort is at the heart of a great dog bed. You’ll sleep easier knowing that your dog is just as comfortable and supported as you are.

With that in mind, The Cloud Dog Lounge is created with your home décor at heart and features our very own Linen Dream fabric, developed by us to mimic the beautiful appeal of natural woven linen while remaining ultra-durable, hypoallergenic, and safe for your dog. 

Oh, and inside is a luxurious tri-layer memory foam “cocoon”, uniquely engineered for your pup’s ultimate comfort and support so it’s scientifically designed to have your dog snoring and chasing cats in their sleep.

It’s almost enough to make you jealous!

#5 - A Dog Bed Reduces Your Cleaning Time

Keeping a dog bed clean can be a challenge due to shedding, so you should be mindful in selecting a dog bed with features that make them easy to clean. 

Low-quality dog beds have a habit of attracting fur and dust, which ends up sticking to the fibres of the bed and making cleaning a nightmare. This becomes twice the hassle if the doggy bed doesn’t have a machine-washable cover and you’re constantly trying to pick matted fur and dirt out of your pet’s bed.

I’m proud to have introduced Chasing Winter’s Signature Linen Dream cover which will outlast competitors and save you hours of cleaning each month

Stain-resistant, color-fast, and quick-drying, it ’s designed to repel nasties such as stray fur, dirt and dribble, flea larvae, and water droplets, and to neutralize dog odor. As a plus, loose fur on the covers can easily be vacuumed away while any marks and odor can be machine washed with amazing results while the inner is being aired and deodorized.

Figuring out how to clean dog beds is really as simple as investing in a bed that helps clean itself.

Thankfully, a New Dog Bed Does NOT Mean Saying Goodbye to Night Time Cuddles

Depending on your breed, your dog will sleep 10, 12, or even 13 hours a day. 

Just like humans, this sleep needs to be quality and uninterrupted. And just as you’d be cranky if you had to sleep on the floor and were woken up multiple times a night, your dog will be too.

By introducing your pet to its new bed, you are making an ownable space available to them at any time of the day. Best of all, this means you can still invite your fur baby into bed for a cuddle any time you like. When cuddling your pup helps release oxytocin (the stress-relief chemical), we’re big fans of inviting dogs into our bed, as long as they have their own too.

Over time, you and your best friend will get into a groove and know when it’s time to share your human bed and when it’s time to go your separate – but comfortable – ways.

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