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Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue

Who do I contact when my pet goes missing?

At Chasing Winter we highly recommend contacting Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue for all missing pet help and information. You can hit the contact us button, which takes you to a form that you can complete. This completed contact form is vital and the answers help us formulate a way to find and reunite an owner's lost pet.

Once you have done that head over to Milly’s Search, Trap and Rescue facebook page/group and contact us.

What is Milly’s Search and Trap Rescue?

Milly’s Star also known as Milly’s Search, Trap and Rescue. Is about helping distressed owners find and be reunited with their lost pets. Offering advice, help search, set up equipment to help find and safely trap lost pets. Milly's was formed due to two lost scared little dogs that wouldn’t go into normal traps. So Jo and Mark set about investigating how to help these dogs. They discovered the Missy trap, and built Australia’s first ever Missy trap. (Pictured Below)

Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue - Chasing Winter

What is the first thing I do when my pet is missing?

Get in touch with Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue and make sure you check out their guides and steps involved in finding your lost pet. 

As distressing as it is to have a pet go missing Milly's team are there for you every step of the way. 

How many hours do I need to wait before stressing about finding my pet?

Please do not wait to start searching for your lost pet, dog or cat. Use the guides and steps plus contact Milly's Search, Trap and Rescue. The sooner you start the process of trying to find your pet and make the community aware that they are missing, is very important. As an example; Scared dogs or dogs chasing something have been known to travel some distance in a short amount of time.

Do not wait to see if your pet comes home by itself. Otherwise you have wasted valuable time.

How do I report my pet missing?

Report your pet missing via a public post on your facebook page and share to all local area lost and founds and community groups.

Contact all local pounds and vets and give a description of your pet and their microchip number.

Please make sure you microchip your pet and keep all the details up to date

It has been 7 days, will I ever catch my pet?

Never give up hope. Many dogs and cats go lost for weeks. They can go into hiding and not even be sighted for 12, 24hours, or 2, 3, 5 even up to 14 days or more. We have had cases with missing dogs and cats who have been found within hours, days, or weeks.

Scared dogs in particular can go into hiding for the first 3 days then they will come out because they are hungry. They can then go back into hiding. For some, the sightings dry up for weeks, then all of a sudden, you start getting sightings daily.

The weather can also play a part in sightings. Pets, like us, hate going out in the rain so they will remain hidden until it stops.

Always have faith. Some dogs will give up after 9-10 days and come out of hiding making capture easier.

Dogs and cats are very resilient. They never cease to amaze us.

Never give up hope.

Millys Search Trap and Rescue - Chasing Winter

How do I donate to Millys?

At Chasing Winter we have personally donated to Milly's and would love if you could spare even just $5.00 to helping the team with new equipment and showing appreciation for everything they do.

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