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How to tell if your dogs water bowl is dirty

How often do you need to clean my dogs water bowl?

Did you know that your pets water bowl is and has been found to be the third most contaminated item in your house? Not only that but it can be growing and breeding some incredibly nasty and dangerous germs that can be life-threatening to your pet. (Gone to look at your pets water bowl now?)

How many times do you re-fill your pets water bowl before actually giving it a clean? We recommend cleaning your pets water bowl at least once a week to ensure that your pet is drinking safely. 

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How to wash your pets water bowl safely

At Chasing Winter we recommend cleaning your pet water bowl with non-toxic soaps, sprays or simply by running hot water over your bowl and using a clean cleaning tool. We have also found that popping them in a hot cycle in the dishwasher with an eco friendly soap helps get rid of all the germs and bacteria that might be growing.

How to know if your pets water bowl has bacteria

It can be as simple as running your finger inside your pets bowl and feeling something super slimy and slippery, that super slimy and slippery feeling is actually what we call Biofilm.

Not sure what Biofilm is? Biofilm is a lovely collection and mixture of organic and not organic, alive and dead materials collected on the surface of your pets water bowl (Think, Dust!). It takes a many different materials for the Biofilm to grow into bacteria and it bounds itself together which therefore sticks to the surface and can sometimes turn ooy green.

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What does Biofilm do to a dogs health?

Just like germs and bacteria in humans food and water, Biofilm can be highly toxic to pets and can cause microbial infections in their bodies which can cause

  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Middle-Ear Infections
  • Bladder Infections

So Moral of the story...

No one likes to see their pet suffering or in pain, so pop it down on your Chasing Winter 2022 Calendar every week on the same day to give your pets water bowl a good clean and even have a spare water bowl on the ready to go. 

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