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How to Measure your Dog's Neck Size for Collar

How to measure your dog's neck size for collar

Currently, there are no industry standards for dog collar sizes. So let us share these two simple techniques to measure your dog's neck girth and determine what collar size you should get for your furry friend.


How to measure your dog's neck size for collar
Using a soft string and tape measure
To measure your dog’s neck you will need the soft tape measure in centimeters. If you do not have any, you can use any string, yarn, or ribbon. It's easy and most everyone has one.  Hold the end of the string between your finger and thumb and gently wrap the other side around your dog's neck (thickest area), and pull it snug enough that you can fit a finger or two between it and your dog's neck for a little wriggle-room. Let go and mark the spot on the string with your finger that met the string’s end.  From there, use a tape measure to get the measurement from your string measurement. 

Using a ruler
Remove your dog’s existing collar, taking note of what hole the collar utilizes for wear. Lay it on a flat surface. Measure from the buckle pin to the hole utilized for wear.

If you are purchasing a new collar because your dog has out-grown its current collar, select the next size up from your measurement findings.


Neck Size Chart

Select the Collar size (XS to XL) that would give you the best amount of room to adjust up or down. We also classified it according to dog breeds in case you are considering giving it as a gift.

Example: Snoopy is a Beagle. His neck size measures 36cm (14"), so he fits a Size M collar which is made for neck sizes 32cm - 42cm (12.5" - 16.5").

Neck Size Chart