How To Choose The Perfect Dog Bed in 5 Insanely Simple Steps

You spend a third of your life in bed (more if you’re like me and enjoy a Sunday sleep-in with your pup), so you take great care choosing the right bed. But have you ever wondered how to choose the perfect dog bed for your beloved pet too?

As lovely as it is to cuddle with your pup in bed (it’s OK, I’m guilty of it too), your dog needs his or her own place to sleep.

The average dog spends between 12 and 14 hours sleeping every day, with a further 7 hours awake but relaxing, so choosing the perfect dog bed is crucial to giving your pet the comfort and care they need to rest, relax and rejuvenate. 

I don’t need to tell you that dogs are active by nature. They enjoy exploring, sniffing, playing, and possibly chewing your favourite pair of shoes. With an active lifestyle just like people, you must give them a place of their own to recharge the batteries and create their own sanctuary from stress.

Choosing the perfect bed can feel impossible with different dog beds for all breeds, sizes, and sleeping positions. So I’m going to walk you through the process from start to finish.

small dog sleeping in grey dog bed

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What Should I Look for in a Pet Bed?

Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. 

The right dog bed provides a perfect getaway spot for your furry companion. Just because your dog enjoys a nap on the carpet or floor, doesn’t mean they don’t need their own bed to tumble into at night or when they need a good rest.

However, it’s not just comfort you’re looking for. 

Dogs require certain structural support to prevent injuries, arthritis and calluses. The older your pup gets, the more likely they’ll run into painful injuries or orthopedic concerns. That’s why the perfect dog bed will provide support to your dog’s musculoskeletal system.

Finally, the perfect dog bed will match your home’s existing decor. Let’s face it, no one wants to be on ‘doggy bed removal duty’ when guests knock on the door. You’re a fashion-forward pet owner (why else would you be here 😉) and your choice of dog bed should reflect your style.

OK, quick recap, the right dog bed with combine:

  • Comfort
  • Structural Support
  • Style

Ready to find your pup’s perfect bed? Follow my simple 5-step roadmap and you’ll have picked a winner.

older dog sleeping on comfort bed

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Step #1 - Consider Your Dog’s Behaviour and Health

Your dog gives you clues every day about the type of bed they’d like, you just need to start decoding their signals.

For example, does your dog suffer from anxiety and use their bed as a place to unwind? Consider a nest bed with raised edges to create a sense of security and protection.

Or, does your dog love nothing better than sprawling out to sleep? A large, open-style pillow bed will provide them with the legroom they crave as well as comfort.

Dog behaviour also refers to their inclination to chew. Problem chewers will need durable beds that can’t be ripped to shreds while you’re at the shops. Opting for durability means you won’t have to replace your new dog bed year on year, and that’s going to help you save money in the long-run. The best dog beds come with a generous zip opening and zipper guard to protect your floors and avoid your chewy friend from playing with the zipper head. 

Finally, consider your dog’s current and future health issues. Some dogs may have specific health needs when it comes to beds. For example, older dogs or dogs with joint problems will benefit from an orthopedic or memory foam bed that they can get in and out of easily, supporting their body.

Step #2 - Match Dog Bed Size to Dog Size

OK, this step sounds obvious, but so many dog owners get it wrong!!!

No dog wants to nap with their paws on the floor, so the bed you choose for your dog should be large enough for them to be able to lie comfortably in all positions. 

Many of the smaller and toy breed dogs like beds they can snuggle in. So opting for a small bed for a small dog breed helps them feel safe and cuddled, like going back to their days in the den with their litter mates.

Chasing Winter Small Dog Bed Recommendation: With every detail carefully considered, The Snuggle Dog Nest is a pure safe haven for your little fur baby to curl up in and retreat into their own cuddly nest any time of day. This dog bed for small breeds has been lovingly designed to invoke a sense of security and serve as a savior for any pooch who gets a little anxious.

If you’re unsure what size dog bed you need, measure your pet from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. This will tell you what length of dog bed you’ll need to contain all limbs and tails comfortably. Next, measure from their shoulders to the floor. This measurement is how wide your dog’s bed should be, as they’ll often lay on their side when sleeping.

Chasing Winter Large Dog Bed Recommendation: We recommend getting a multi-layer memory foam cushioning bed that provides first-class support and comfort. The Cloud Dog Lounge is our signature large-sized flat lounge for large dog breeds. 

Dubbed the “cocoon,” its unique memory effect satisfies your beloved pooch’s every need, reacting to body shape, weight, and temperature. With advanced tri-layer technology this dog bed also promotes airflow creating a cooling effect in warmer months.

Unsure what dog bed size to choose? Send me an email with your dog’s breed, length and weight and I’ll send you complimentary tips and suggestions. 😊

large dog resting on grey memory foam cushion bed

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Step #3 - Choose a Machine Washable Dog Bed

Keeping a dog bed clean can be challenging, especially if your dog breed is a heavy shedder. 

The perfect dog bed will come with features that make it easy to clean. You don’t want to be sneezing and struggling to hand-clean a bed that’s coated in fur. In the long run this means scrubbing your dog’s bed by hand and being responsible for removing nasties such as stray fur, dirt and dribble, flea larvae, and water droplets. Even if you’re able to remove muck and grime, neutralizing dog odour can remain a challenge. 

Always check to see if the covering on your preferred bed is removable and washable. A washable cover is a necessity as it WILL get dirty over time. Choosing a machine washable dog bed also means loose fur can easily be vacuumed while marks and odours vanish in the wash. 

Remember to remove all foam inners before washing and don’t forget to air out and deodorize the inner portion of your dog bed while the cover is drying! 

Chasing Winter Dog Bed Recommendation: If you’re after an easily washable dog bed, our signature Linen Dream cover is easy to clean and will outlast competitors (yep, that’s a humble brag and proud of it). Stain-resistant, colour-fast, and quick-drying, this bed is ideal if you want a low-maintenance dog bed for your pet. 

dirty dog paws on machine washable dog bed

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Step #4 - Choose One Bed per Dog (No Sharing)

I’m often asked how many beds a dog should have.

Watching multiple pups cuddle on the same bed is adorable, and your dogs do enjoy squishing each other like they would have back in their litter days. But it’s best to have a minimum of one bed per dog. 

This will minimise any competitive behaviour, and provide a place for all dogs to retreat to when they need a little break from the day.

If your dogs enjoy snuggling up together, consider getting an additional dog bed large enough for them to comfortably share. Then when it’s time to retire for a good night’s sleep they can catch some zzz’s without getting kicked or pushed onto the floor.

two small dogs sharing small white dog bed

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Step #5 - Match the Dog Bed to Your Home’s Interior

This step is commonly overlooked when picking the right dog bed, and it leads to problems when you feel the need to remove your dog’s bed before socialising.

Your dog is an extension of your life, and once you’ve moved through each of the steps I’ve outlined today, make sure your choice of bed is an aesthetic match for your home.

The simplest approach is to try to match the dog bed to the room’s overall look where you’ll be keeping it. If your room is modern and light-filled, you’d want a dog bed that’s equally modern and neutral-toned, etc.

The bed you pick for your dog should be fashionable and complement your style as a modern pet owner. That means you don’t have to run to hide the ugly, smelly, worn-out dog bed in the cupboard under the stairs when you’re having guests (it’s OK, we’ve all been there).

OK, Let’s Recap What We’ve Learned About Choosing the Perfect Bed for Your Dog

Picking the best dog bed isn’t hard once you’ve got a roadmap to follow.

Remember, the perfect dog bed will have enough padding and support to prevent injuries, calluses and orthopedic concerns. If your dog is older, consider a memory foam dog bed for the highest level of comfort.

Your dog’s bed should be large enough to allow them to sleep in any position without hitting the floor, and consider walled dog beds if your pup is anxious. Machine washable dog beds are ideal as they are easy and quick to clean, while the style of your new dog bed should match your home. 

There’s nothing quite like watching your pet snore and slumber, and now you’re ready to choose the perfect dog bed. 

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