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Does Your Dog Bed Last Longer Than The Actual Walk In The Park?

Does Your Dog Bed Last Longer Than The Actual Walk In The Park?

Did you ever get that feeling of being frustrated at the quality of dog products available to you? Did they last longer than the actual walk in the park? Or why do they not blend in aesthetically with everything else in your home? Did you always have to hide the smelly, worn-out dog bed in the cupboard whenever you were expecting company? ⁠

If you answered YES to all, then WE UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU FEEL. We have been through that awfully a lot! ⁠

And that’s when our love of our beloved pooch, Snoop-dog, inspired Gerry and me to create our own collection of quality dog accessories.⁠

I’m Nat, as an interior designer, I had been helping others create attractive spaces for years; so I thought why couldn’t living with pets be attractive, too? And that, as a fellow pooch parent paved the way to the birth of Chasing Winter!⁠

It was the answer to our own problem. Why sacrifice elegance for endurance when you can enjoy both? Our collections are suited for stylish homes and humans alike, and their durability means you won’t have to replace them year on year.⁠

What’s next? We’ve only just begun. Follow us as we are on a journey to connect and grow with leagues of #doglovers like ourselves in mind. 🐾



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